• Microsoft Word 2016 Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Bundle

    R799.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    This combination of courses offers a wide range of tasks from beginner to advanced. This course covers topics such as, editing documents, adding tables, formatting text and paragraphs, inserting graphic objects, and creating custom graphic elements.
  • Microsoft Word 2016 Level 3 Bundle

    R450.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    This advanced course is designed to help power users leverage Microsoft Word to collaborate on documents and secure information. This course also covers techniques for creating complex documents, such as forms or documents that require reference pages.
  • Microsoft Word 2016 Level 2 Bundle

    R450.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    Take your skills to the next level with this Microsoft Word 2016 course. The topics covered include using tools like styles, macros, templates, mail merge, and building blocks to automate tasks. Students will also learn how to create complex documents using tables, charts, and various types of illustrations.
  • Microsoft Word 2016 Level 1 Bundle

    R450.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    Learn how to use Word 2016 to create and edit, format and proof simple documents, add tables and lists, add design elements and layout options.
  • Word 2016 Level 1 – Inserting Graphic Objects

    R150.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    In addition to standard keyboard characters, Microsoft Word includes a variety of additional symbols and special characters that you can add to documents. In this topic, we will learn how to insert those elements.
  • Word 2016 Level 1 – Getting Started with Word

    R150.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    Microsoft Word is a powerful, easy-to-use word processor. It can be used to create reports, letters, memos, and all sorts of different documents. If you have used earlier versions of Microsoft Word, or programs like Corel WordPerfect or Lotus Notes, then you may already be familiar with some features of word processors.
  • Word 2016 Level 1 – Editing a Document

    R150.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    As you begin to work with longer documents, you will need tools to find and work with text. In this topic, we will introduce you to Microsoft Word’s basic navigation and editing tools.
  • Word 2016 Level 1 – Formatting Text and Paragraphs

    R150.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    Microsoft Word offers a wide variety of formatting options that you can apply to text. Whether you want to create a straightforward, simple design or a vibrant, modern look, Microsoft Word has all the tools that you need.
  • Word 2016 Level 1 – Managing Lists

    R150.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    In this course students will learn how too sort texts and fields, renumbering options for ordered lists, manage and customize lists.
  • Word 2016 Level 1 – Adding Tables

    R150.00 Ex.VAT 15%
    Tables are an excellent way to organize information in a document. In this topic, we’ll learn how to add tables in a few different ways. We’ll also discuss how to navigate through a table.