Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway Bundle

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Sway is Microsoft’s cloud-based presentation app. It provides a quick, easy way to create interactive presentations for the web.

This course is intended to help all users get up to speed with Sway and start using it in their daily workflow.

This course focuses on how to launch Sway, and how to begin using it, how to create a new project, which is made up of cards, and how to save, edit, search and play projects.


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Getting Started with Sway

In this module of this course students will learn how to launch Sway and create a new Sway Project. They will also learn how to create and manage cards and manage Sway projects.

Work with Text and Images

In this module students will learn how to format text and add media to a Sway Project.

Graphics and Design

This module begins with how to work with images, as well as how to customize image display and set design options.

Working with a Sway Project

In the final module, editing and sharing Sway projects are covered and how to set Sway project options.

Certificate: Certificate of completion will be issued once course is completed.
Duration: 6 Hours

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