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Microsoft Access 365: Level 2 Bundle

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1 x Microsoft Access 365: Level 2: Implementing Advanced Form Design

This course takes a look at several topics to increase your students’ knowledge of Access 365. Here, students will learn how to add controls to forms, set form controls, create subforms, Organize Information with Tab Pages, Enhance Navigation with Forms, Format a Form, and Apply Conditional Formatting.

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1 x Microsoft Access 365: Level 2: Using Data Validation

In this course, the focus switches to data validation. Covered here is field validation along with form and record validation.

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1 x Microsoft Access 365: Level 2: Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design

This course turns to macros and using them to improve user interface design. Students will learn to create basic macros that use actions, conditions, arguments, and events to complete a task. They should also be able to create macros that complete basic validation and automation tasks, as well as convert existing macros to VBA.

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1 x Microsoft Access 365: Level 2: Using Advanced Database Management

Some advanced database management skills come under scrutiny in this course. Topics in this course teach students how to: link tables to external data sources, manage a database, determine object dependency, document a database, and analyze the performance of a database.

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1 x Microsoft Access 365: Level 2: Distributing and Securing a Database

In this course, students will learn about the many ways that you can distribute and secure a database. Topics covered are splitting a database, as well as implementing many of the security strategies that are available in Access. Students should feel comfortable converting a database into the ACCDE format and be able to package and digitally sign a database for distribution.

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1 x Microsoft Access 365: Level 2: Managing Switchboards

This course is all about switchboards. Students are taught how to create a database switchboard, how to modify a database switchboard, and how to set startup options.

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