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Microsoft Access 365: Level 1 Bundle

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Microsoft Access 365: Level 1: Getting Started with Access

In this course, students will learn how to get started with Microsoft Access, along with the components that are included in a database, such as opening and creating basic databases, as well as creating simple forms. They will also become familiar with the various objects that make up a database and how to use database templates.

Microsoft Access 365: Level 1: Working with Table Data

This course focuses on working with table data, how to modify data within a table, as well as how to sort and filter those records, we will also take a look at creating lookup fields to enhance the integrity of your data.

Microsoft Access 365: Level 1: Query a Database

This course examines how to query a database: joining data from different tables into a query, sorting and filtering data in a query, and performing calculations in a query.

Microsoft Access 365: Level 1: Create Advanced Queries

In this course, learn how to create advanced queries (parameter and action queries), along with summarizing data.

Microsoft Access 365: Level 1: Generate Reports

In this course, students will learn about reports and how they are used to display data in a more readable fashion. They will become comfortable creating basic reports, as well as adding controls to them. Also, changing the theme that a report uses, and preparing a report to be printed are covered.

Microsoft Access 365: Level 1: Design a Relational Database

Students will become familiar with the planning processes that must be followed to successfully create a database. The fundamentals of database design with a focus on relational databases, how to create tables, manage fields, and create relationships between fields in various tables are also taught.

Microsoft Access 365: Level 1: Joining Tables

Joining tables is the subject of this course, with lessons on creating query joins and working with subdatasheets and subqueries.

There are many ways that you can join tables and their contained data. In this lesson, creating basic query joins, as well as joining tables that do not have a common field are covered. Students will become comfortable working with self-joins, subdatasheets and,  also creating basic subqueries using SQL.

Microsoft Access 365: Level 1: Importing and Exporting Data

There are many ways that you can share Access data with other applications and export into a variety of different formats are covered. Exporting data as Excel files and text files, creating a basic mail merge, as well as importing data into Access are also covered.

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